SSB Generator Board

This is the latest version of the SSB Generator Board. Changes from the previous version include:

  • Reduced the gain of the Audio Pre-amp. As I don’t use SSB voice, there was no need for such a high gain pre-amp. In any case, with digital modes the Audio Pre-amp is not used.
  • Routed the Aux Audio Input directly to the Audio Combiner stage. For digital modes input level control is more conveniently done on the sound card interface, in my case a Timewave Navigator.
  • Added an ATtiny85 as a tone generator. Tone is routed through the DS1807 for level control. The tone generator is not currently in use, more for experimentation at this time.
  • Increased the gain of the post-mixer amplifier by reducing the value of R50 to 10 ohms. Input level to the 250mW PA Driver was a little low, this change cured that problem.
SSBGenerator Board Schematic, Page 1
SSB Generator Board Schematic, Page 2