Express Receiver 2018 Update

In 2018 the three PIC-based Display and Control Boards were replaced with a single Arduino Mega. The software was ported from C to C++. The Arduino software is available on GitHub at the following link:

I2C LCD Backs from Adafruit were added to each of the LCDs allowing I2Cbus connectivity to the LCDs.

The VFO and LO Board was replaced with a VFO, LO and BFO Board. Si570s were kept for the LO and VFO, and an Si5351A added for the BFO, replacing the AD9835 DDS on the Product Detector, BFO and Audio Stages Board.

Block Diagram, Express Receiver 2018 Update
Express Receiver Top View, Showing Arduino Mega and VFO, LO, & BFO Board
VFO, LO, & BFO Board Top View

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  1. Hi,

    Can you provide the express pcb files for all the boards. You may remember me from posts on your previous website

    Looking to construct the updated receiver.

    Kind regards


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